Drenthe will organise the 2019 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships, adding to its reputation of hosting major cycling events such as the Ronde van Drenthe, part of the UCI Women’s WorldTour.

Drenthe has an extremely well-developed cycling culture, in terms of sport, recreational cycling and riding a bike for transport. An outdoor velodrome was recently built in Assen, and cycling to school is promoted through dedicated campaigns, including bike tests for children to show that they are able to navigate by bike safely and independently.
‘Op fietse’ (‘go by bike’), a specific marketing identity for Drenthe’s cycling activities, and Drentse Fiets4Daagse, a recreational event for thousands of bike riders from across the Netherlands, are examples of the province’s commitment to promoting cycling among all citizens and tourists.

The province is investing in new cycle routes, including a ‘Fietssnelweg’ (‘Cycle Highway’) between its major cities, as well as improvements to cycle routes to schools. Drenthe has a dedicated annual cycling budget of €20m until 2020, with a target to increase bike use by 20% and become the healthiest province in the country by the same year.

 Country  The Netherlands 
 Capital  Assen
 Government – King’s Commissioner  Jacques Tichelaar 
 Area  2.683 km2 (1.036 sq mi)
 Population  491,867 (Jan 2017) 
 Bicycle Modal Share / Trips by bike  
 Current (2016)  29%
 Target by 2020  34.8%