Fayetteville (USA)

Fayetteville will host the 2022 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships. It has also been investing heavily in Cyclo-Cross with a series of events that started in 2019 with FayetteCross.


Fayetteville has a comprehensive bicycle master plan which was most recently updated in 2020 with a goal to build an “all ages and abilities” network of bicycle infrastructure, including a 100-mile paved trail network and adding on-street connections to points of interest and residential areas over the next decade. With over 47 miles of paved trails already in place, and 1/3 of residents already riding a bicycle on a regular basis, Fayetteville’s Active Transportation Plan endeavours to connect trails to within a ½ mile of every Fayetteville resident and reach 15% in active transportation mode share. On average, 19% of Fayetteville’s annual transportation budget has been invested in bicycle projects over the last 5 years. Several road safety and children’s cycling initiatives are regularly being delivered, while the city’s mobility plan includes extensive community outreach surveys to measure and assess progress.


Country                           USA

State                                Arkansas             

Mayor                              Lioneld Jordan

Area                                 143.5 km2

Population                      86,166

Bicycle Modal Share/ Trips by bike        

Current                     7% (by bike)                                   

Target                       15% active transportation mode share        

Bicycle Network Length: 47 miles (75.6 km)