Glasgow (Great-Britain)

Host of the UCI Track Cycling World Cup in 2016 and 2019, Glasgow will organise the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships; this event will bring together the World Championships for different cycling disciplines for the first time and will mark the history of the sport.


The city has fixed an ambitious objective: that 10% of everyday journeys be made by bike by 2020. This is part of the vision “Create a dynamic cycling city, where cycling is accessible, safe and attractive to all”. Glasgow, which dedicates more than 10% of its allocated transport budget to active transport, has invested 15 million pounds sterling in cycling infrastructure projects since 2008. Measures continue to be made to expand the cycling network and increase the number of people cycling day to day, with the aim of reaching 400km of cycle paths between now and 2025.


Funds are invested in sporting infrastructure for nearly all cycling disciplines; in parallel, a partnership for an amount of 4.8 million pounds sterling until 2025 has been entered into between Glasgow Sport, HSBC, British Cycling and Scottish Cycling, the objective of which will be to support cycling for the youth from minority groups.


In total, more than 12 % of the city’s roads are limited to 35km/h, making cycling safer and more attractive; in addition, the police collaborate with the city on road safety campaigns. Each year, 13,000 people participate in the event “British Cycling Let’s Ride”, which closes roads to motorised traffic for the organisation of numerous popular and national races as well as a mass participation event.

Country Scotland (Great Britain) 
GovernmentGlasgow City council area
 City and council area175 km2 (68 sq mi)
 Urban368.5 km2 (142.3 sq mi)
 Metropolitan492 km2 (190 mi2)
 City and council area626,410
Bicycle Modal Share/ Trips by bike 
 Current (2016)6%
 Target by 202010%
Bike network length293.3 km