Hoogerheide, at the centre of Woensdrecht has a long history of hosting the annual UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup. The municipality of Woensdrecht established an ambitious cycling plan for the period 2016-2020. Its aim is to strengthen and expand local cycling opportunities and the cycling community, for residents and visitors alike. Initiatives to achieve this include the expansion of recreational route networks, lighting, bicycle parking-storage rooms, charging stations for e-bikes, themed routes with bicycle facilities, infrastructure and facilities for competitive cyclists, support for elite athletes’ education, as well as the promotion of physical activity among the elderly, the disabled and low-income communities.

The municipality of Woensdrecht has a multi-year programme for the maintenance of reads, which includes plans to expand cycling infrastructure and increase the safe use of cycling paths. Their road safety policy focuses on vulnerable traffic and has a different theme every year aimed at promoting alertness on the road. The municipality also organises annual road sense courses for elementary school students. Every year, cycling races are organised in the five centres of Woensdrecht, both for youth and licence-holders, in addition to mountain bike tours for recreational athletes.

Country  The Netherlands 
Province  North Brabant 
Area  91.91 km2
Population (February 2017)  21,656  
Population density 237/km2