Medical monitoring and Protocols

High-level athletes should have access to specific medical monitoring. The aims of this are to keep riders healthy and reduce risks in competition and training. To enable riders to compete in the best and safest conditions possible, teams must implement a medical programme that monitors health and tests aptitude to compete.

In accordance with the UCI medical rules, road riders in UCI WorldTeams and UCI Professional Continental Teams must be part of an obligatory medical monitoring programme. This medical monitoring programme comprises, at the very least, specific function testing and biological examinations listed in the “Programme of Obligatory Tests” drawn up by the UCI Medical Commission. As part of this programme, particular attention is paid to cardiological examination: the aim is to reduce as far as possible the risk of sudden cardiac death during sporting activity. The UCI medical programme comprises four annual biological examinations intended strictly for medical purposes (and which are completely separate from the biological testing carried out in the fight against doping). The UCI Medical Director is in charge of the implementation of the medical monitoring programme, and team doctors are directly responsible for the decisions concerning riders’ fitness to compete.

Still with the aim of ensuring athletes’ health, the medical rules require National Federations to oversee the implementation and monitoring of a medical programme for women road cyclists, as well as BMX, mountain bike and track riders. For these riders, the monitoring programme comprises two annual medical examinations, the content of which is defined by the UCI Medical Commission.


List of the athletes subjected to the medical monitoring in 2021

20 First Women BMX

50 First Men BMX

40 First Women Mountain Bike

100 First Men Mountain Bike

40 First Women Track

100 First Men Track



Cardiovascular screening - English

Cardiovascular screening - Dutch

Cardiovascular screening - Spanish

Cardiovascular screening - Italian

Mandatory exams – WorldTeams & ProTeams

Mandatory exams – Women’s WorldTeams

Programme of obligatory - Mountain Bike, Track & BMX

Procedure Pathological Result - Road

Procedure Pathological Result - Mountain Bike, Track & BMX

Table of medical tests – WorldTeams & ProTeams

Table of medical tests - Women’s WorldTeams

Table of medical tests - Mountain Bike, Track & BMX

Declaration – WorldTeams & ProTeams

Declaration - Women’s WorldTeams

Declaration - Mountain Bike, Track & BMX



Part XIII: Medical Rules

UCI Technical Rules on Tramadol



Harrogate Consensus Agreement - Cycling-specific Sport Related Concussion