2021 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup: cancellation of round in Hardt

Apr 15, 2021, 15:05 PM

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has to announce that the round of the 2021 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup which was to have taken place in Hardt (Germany) on 18 September is cancelled at the request of the organisers, due to restrictions imposed by the competent authorities.

The 2021 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup will get under way on 24 April in Dornbirn (Austria). It will comprise three rounds and a final after the cancellation of those in Langenschiltach, Ginsheim and Hardt (Germany) and another round that had been scheduled to take place in Asia.

Due to the reduced number of rounds, it has been necessary to adjust the qualification quotas for the 2021 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup. The updated documents concerning the series are available on the UCI website.

Revised calendar for the 2021 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup

-  24 April: Dornbirn (Austria)
-  16 October: Saint-Gall (Switzerland)
-  13 November: Altdorf (Switzerland)
-  27 November: Grosskoschen (Germany) – UCI World Cup Final

The UCI would like to thank the organisers for their cooperation in this difficult situation, as well as the athletes, teams and all involved for their understanding.

Covid-19 pandemic: keeping track of events on the UCI International Calendar that are postponed or cancelled