UCI adapts rules on the discarding of bottles and waste at the Giro d’Italia

May 18, 2021, 19:42 PM

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has decided, in agreement with RCS – the organisers of the Giro d’Italia – the CPA and the AIGCP, bodies which respectively represent riders and teams, to make a number of changes to the regulations pertaining to the discarding of bottles and other waste during competition, which were introduced in 2021 (most of them on 1 April). These changes will come into effect from stage 11 of the 2021 Giro d’Italia and will remain in place through to the end of the race.

Riders will not be sanctioned for throwing a bottle to the public when the bottle is thrown on climbs in the last 50 km of the stage. However, riders must ensure that the throwing of their bottle towards the public does not present any danger, either to spectators (in the case of too violent a throw) or to other riders (in the case of the bottle being thrown and rolling back onto the road). In case of non-compliance with these conditions and precautions, the sanctions will be maintained in accordance with the UCI regulations currently in force.

On each stage, and in order to facilitate the supply of musettes and the throwing away of the latter by the riders, the organiser will extend one or two litter zones (which will be one to two kilometres long if possible), the location of which he will indicate to the teams. The organiser undertakes to collect waste in these litter zones, in accordance with the regulations and the UCI's sustainable development policy.

In specific race situations which would lead riders to dispose of bottles or waste outside the zones provided for this purpose (which is prohibited), the Commissaires’ Panel, as authorised by the UCI regulations in force, shall have the possibility of not sanctioning the rider if it deems the situation exceptional.

These adaptations to the current rules are part of the UCI's desire to learn from the experiences of the various stakeholders at events, in order to have coherent rules that ensure the safety of all concerned. These new rules will be evaluated to determine whether or not they should be applied in the future to all or part of the events on the UCI International Road Calendar.