The publications by the UCI consist of important documents that are intended to serve as reference documents, especially when they are referred to in the UCI Regulations. In addition to the UCI Annual Reports and UCI Yearbook, the resources under Documentation for organisers, Guide for UCI Commissaires and Guide for UCI Teams constitute visualised guidance to expand, clarify or specify on the UCI Regulations.

Financial Obligations


Agenda 2022

UCI Agenda 2022 - English

UCI Agenda 2022 - French

UCI Agenda 2022 - Spanish

UCI Agenda 2022 - Italian

UCI Agenda 2022 - Chinese

UCI Agenda 2022 - German

UCI Agenda 2022 - Portuguese

UCI Agenda 2022 - Arabic

UCI Agenda 2022 - Russian


UCI Annual Report 

2017 UCI Annual Report

2016 UCI Annual Report

2015 UCI Annual Report

2014 UCI Annual Report

2013 UCI Annual Report

UCI Yearbook

2017 UCI Yearbook

2016 UCI Yearbook

2015 UCI Yearbook 

2014 UCI Yearbook

2013 UCI Yearbook

2012 UCI Yearbook

2011 UCI Yearbook

2010 UCI Yearbook

Documentation for organisers

TV production guide

The Timekeeping guide for provider

Road races organisers' guide

UCI WorldTour - Specifications for organisers

2018 UCI Women's WorldTour - Specification for organisers

2018 UCI Trials Event Setup & Section Building Guide

List of UCI certified drivers

Guidelines for vehicle circulation in the race convoy

2017 UCI BMX Track Guide

UCI BMX Track Guide - developing BMX

UCI BMX Track Guide - developing BMX - Appendix 1 - detailed BMX track plan

Use of the rainbow stripes, the UCI marks and the UCI event marks

Guide for UCI Commissaires

Training guide for Road Commissaires

Practical guide for Commissaire in track events

Training guide for Mountain Bike Commissaires

Training Guide for BMX Commissaires

Practical guide for timekeeper

Practical guide for the finish judge

Practical guide for the motorcycle Commissaires

The UCI International Commissaire - an expert serving cycling

Marshal Handbook

Guide for UCI Teams

UCI Women's WorldTour - Specifications for teams

UCI WorldTour - Specifications for Teams