Event: UCI Trials World Cup

Some people believe that anything can be conquered by bike: we call them trials riders! Huge rocks, log stacks, precast concrete elements and wooden structures… trials riders’ impressive skills take them to the top of the craziest obstacles. Given the low logistical constraints, a round of the UCI Trials World Cup is easy to organise - either in a city centre or in the countryside - on a limited budget. It will offer the residents of your city and your region an unforgettable and entertaining show.

Urban cycling disciplines are extremely popular among the young, and trials can be a major part of this new trend. A trials event can just as easily put the spotlight on a city’s central square or an impressive monument as it can showcase a touristic natural site. It is therefore a perfect event for communities or regions wishing to host a cycling competition, regardless of the setting and the tourism goals, with minimal constraints.

Bidding guide - UCI Trials World Cup