Arbitral Board

The UCI Arbitral Board rules on any dispute between licence-holders and/or persons and/or entities who are subject to the provisions of the UCI Constitution and Regulations if the dispute concerns the application or interpretation thereof. It also rules on any other form of contractual dispute. Its members are appointed by the UCI Management Committee.


Mr Mohammed BEN EL MAHI (MAR)

Yao Allah-Kouame (CIV)

Victor Berezov (RUS)

Sébastien Bernard (FRA) 

Josep-D. Bochaca (ESP)

Linda Evans (AUS)

Maria-Laura Guardamagna (ITA)

Tiran Gunawardena (AUS)

Yann Hafner (SUI)

Tatsuo Hayashi (JPN)

Volker Hesse (AUT)

Roland Hofer (SUI)

M’barek Janaoui (MAR) 

Pr Claudia Lemarchand (FRA)

Philippe Mariën (BEL)

Rudolf Massak (AUT)

Paul Mauriac (FRA)

Lucien Maurin (FRA)

Jean-Pierre Morand (SUI)

Julien Mordacq (FRA)

Gabriel Nigon (SUI)

Thilo Pachmann (SUI)

Kendrah Potts (GBR)

Patrice Roy (FRA)

Mohamed Sahnoon (GHA)

Alexis Schoeb (SUI)

Micael Totaro (SUI)

Carina Van Cauter (BEL)

Wim Van Herreweghe (BEL)

Rocco Taminelli (SUI)

Marc Lemay (CAN)

Ignacio Triguero Gea (ESP)