The UCI reviews progress made on its Agenda 2022: majority of objectives met

Dec 22, 2020, 18:11 PM

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) today publishes a document entitled “Making Agenda 2022 happen – mid-term review, end of 2020” in which it takes stock of the extent to which the objectives of its roadmap have been met.

Structured around five themes – vision, solidarity, attractiveness, legacy and credibility – the UCI’s Agenda 2022 comprises 300 objectives. It sets out how the Federation means to reinforce its solidarity programmes, modernise cycling and strengthen the sport’s credibility.

Of all the objectives announced in 2018, nearly three-quarters have been completely or almost entirely met, while the UCI continues to work on achieving all those which remain relevant today.

The UCI President David Lappartient welcomed this positive review: “I am delighted to be able to announce that most of our objectives have already been met, and that a large majority of the remaining objectives will be achieved in the medium-term. There is still work to accomplish, and we continue to move forward. I would like to thank all cycling’s families for their contribution to the progress made in the last years and look forward to building on this momentum with them in the future.

Link : “Making Agenda 2022 happen – mid-term review, end of 2020”

You can also discover the video in which UCI President David Lappartient looks back at 2020 and the achievements of the UCI over the last three years: