Valkenburg 2018: Elite level cyclo-cross inspiring everyday cycling

With the 2018 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships rapidly approaching, there is growing excitement in the host city, Valkenburg, situated at the heart of one of the key Dutch cycling regions, Limburg.

Awarded UCI Bike Region status in 2016, Limburg-Valkenburg locals say ‘cycling runs in our veins’. On 3 & 4 February, cyclo-cross riders from across the world will gather in Valkenburg for what is set to be a thrilling Championships.

But for the province and Championship organisation, the event isn’t only about elite level racing – it’s an opportunity to promote participation in cyclo-cross among adults and young people alike, while encouraging the use of bikes for transport and recreation.

As such, a series of actions are being planned around the Championships. These include:

There is the hope that the spectacle of Elite cyclo-cross racing can inspire the community and region to cycle more for transport, leisure and sport. These activities fit into a wider long-term strategy to promote cycle use, with the region working to increase the share of trips by bike from 2016’s 22% to 27% in 2022. Indeed, the Worlds aren’t just an opportunity to put on a show of elite level cyclo-cross racing in a beautiful setting, but an opportunity to inspire more cycling in all forms!

More information about the various activities can be found on: