UCI Cycle-ball World Cup: final season together for Bröll and Schnetzer

Sep 4, 2019, 10:23 AM

The cycle-ball UCI World Champions Markus Bröll and Patrick Schnetzer started their final season together in the best possible way.


At the latest UCI World Cup tournament, in Großkoschen, Germany, the current and five-time UCI World Champions Höchst once again came through unbeaten. It’s the perfect prelude to a farewell tour: field-player Bröll announced his retirement at the end of August and the UCI World Cup Final is on 18th January in Möhlin, Switzerland.



“I want more time for my family,” explained 32-year-old Bröll. Since 2013, he has been successful together with Schnetzer, with five World titles and six European titles. The pair has also won the overall UCI World Cup four times and have now claimed their 19th UCI World Cup victory.


At the same time, an era is coming to an end at RC Höchst. Because, after 14 years there, Patrick Schnetzer will change to Dornbirn, pairing up from 2020 with Stefan Feurstein.


In Großkoschen, the final was once again a duel with regular rivals, RMC Stein from Germany. Against the 2017 UCI World Champions, cousins Gerhard and Bernd Mlady, Bröll/Schnetzer prevailed again with 5 goals to 1 – it was reminiscent of this year’s opening round in early April, when Höchst won 5-3.

“It was a thrilling game as always and it went right down to business,” the UCI World Champions said about the match.


On 28th September in Niedermehnen, Germany, and at their home tournament in Höchst on 8th November, the duo has the chance to produce two more World Cup victories to deliver the ‘grand slam’. Also on Höchst’s plans are further title wins in both the Austrian Championship and the overall UCI World Cup.


Meanwhile, the local team of Norman Tuppatsch and Tobias Kolba, benefitting from a wildcard as representatives of the host club RSV Großkoschen, claimed their first UCI World Cup podium. In 2011, 2013 and 2016, the host team had to settle for fourth place. This time the second-division team won their match for third place 3-1 against TJ Sokol Zlin (Czech Republic).