2024 UCI Road and Para-cycling Road World Championships in Zurich: detailed race schedule unveiled

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and the Organising Committee of the 2024 UCI Road and Para-cycling Road World Championships, which will take place from 21 to 29 September in Zurich (Switzerland), are pleased to announce the event's detailed race schedule.

On Saturday 21 September at 17:00 CET, following the opening ceremony which starts at 16:00 CET, para-cyclists will launch a week of inclusive competitions with the spectacular mixed handbike team relay. The Men Elite road race will close the event on Sunday 29 September (start at 10h30 CET).

The 2024 UCI Road and Para-cycling Road World Championships will be the first UCI World Championships for road to include cycling and para-cycling in their programme. The para-cyclists and non-para-cyclists will share the same routes and cross the same finish line. This innovation is an important step towards inclusivity in cycling.

Race schedule for the UCI 2024 Road and Para-cycling Road World Championships

  • Saturday 21 September:

    • Para-cycling*: mixed H team relay: 17h – 17h45

  • Sunday 22 September:

    • Para-cycling: Women B and C4-5 individual time trial: 10h – 11h30

    • Women Elite individual time trial (including Women Under 23): 12h – 14h15

    • Men Elite individual time trial: 14h45 – 17h30

  • Monday 23 September:

    • Men Junior individual time trial: 9h15 – 11h30

    • Para-cycling: Men B and C4-5 individual time trial: 12h15 – 14h15

    • Men Under 23 individual time trial: 14h45 – 17h30

  • Tuesday 24 September:

    • Women Junior individual time trial: 8h30 – 10h30

    • Para-cycling: Women C1-3 and H3-5, and Men C1-3 and H1-5 individual time trial: 11h – 15h30

    • Para-cycling: Women H1-2 and T1-2, and Men T1-2 individual time trial: 16h – 17h30

  • Wednesday 25 September:

    • Para-cycling: Men B and Women B road race: 10h45 – 13h15

    • Team time trial mixed relay: 14h – 17h30

  • Thursday 26 September:

    • Para-cycling: Men H1-2 and Women H1-5 road race: 9h – 10h15

    • Women Junior road race: 10h – 12h

    • Para-cycling: Men C3 and C4-5 road race: 12h15 – 14h45

    • Men Junior road race: 14h15 – 17h15

  • Friday 27 September:

    • Para-cycling: Men C1 and C2 road race: 8h30 – 10h15

    • Para-cycling: Men T1-2 and Women T1-2 road race: 11h – 12h

    • Men Under 23 road race: 12h45 – 16h45

  • Saturday 28 September:

    • Para-cycling: Men H3 road race: 8h15 – 10h

    • Para-cycling: Women C1-3 and C4-5 road race: 10h45-12h45

    • Women Elite road race (including Women Under 23): 12h45 – 16h45

  • Sunday 29 September:

    • Para-cycling: Men H4 and H5 road race: 9h45-11h30

    • Men Elite road race: 10h30 – 17h

* Para-cycling sport classes:

C - Cycle (conventional bike with adaptations if necessary)

T - Tricycle (three-wheeled bicycles)

B - Tandem (visually impaired athletes and pilot)

H - Handcycle

Divisions C (1-5), T (1-2) and H (1-5) are divided into different sport classes, with the lower number indicating a greater impairment.

GPX files of the courses for all the races are now also available.