UCI publishes list of athletes granted "individual neutral athlete" status

Following the announcement made by the UCI on 3 May 2023 regarding the updated rules related to the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes, the UCI has published the list of athletes to whom the status of “individual neutral athlete” has been granted. A similar list is also published for their support personnel. The granting of this status shall enable riders and their support personnel to register and participate in events such as UCI World Cups, UEC Continental Championships and UCI World Championships as from 1st June. The list is available on the UCI website, along with all the UCI Regulations.

Another list is published on the same page of the UCI website with the names of riders who are not eligible to participate in any events of the UCI International Calendar as they do not meet the requirements of neutrality.

These lists shall be updated regularly based on the applications for AIN status which are received and the verifications for eligibility to participate in UCI International Calendar events which can be carried out at any time.

As a reminder, the UCI made the decision to authorise, under strict conditions, the participation of athletes of Russian and Belarusian sporting nationality as "individual neutral athletes", without them having any involvement or association with the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus, their National Federation or National Olympic Committee. Any person wishing to obtain the status of "individual neutral athlete" or support personnel shall apply to the UCI within the framework of a procedure which will lead, if the conditions are met, to the issuance of this status by the UCI.