The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Chronicle

The 2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup drew to a close in Sarasota, Florida (USA) at the weekend. Hurricane Matthew moved away, and come race time the wind had disappeared and the sun was back in the sunshine state.

On Saturday Sylvain André (FRA) and Laura Smulders (NED) won the last Time Trial Superfinals, an aspect of BMX that will disappear from now on as the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup system has some changes in store for 2017. The final round at the Sarasota BMX track showed some changes in the final standings for both men and women.

Two-time Olympic gold medallist Maris Strombergs (LAT) for instance used his second place finish to move into a podium spot (third) of the 2016 standings just behind Switzerland's David Graf who crashed in the semi-final but held on to 2nd place overall. Corben Sharrah (USA) took his third UCI BMX Supercross World Cup victory of the year to seal the 2016 overall with 855 points over Graf's 600.

Laura Smulders (NED) was unstoppable. The Dutch athlete has won everything at the last two World Cup stops and her smile showed her delight. Behind her, Brooke Crain (USA) and Simone Christensen (DEN) were shooting for a top three overall position and both achieved their goal. It didn't come easy though as Crain crashed in her first moto and thought about giving up until she thought of a special person (Sam Willoughby) and decided to give it another go. Christensen DNF'd in the finals while Crain fought through the races to finish second behind Smulders and second in the overall standings in front of Christensen.

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Time for a break, the 2016 season is over for most of the athletes. Holidays are next.

The 2016 season is now finished and 2017 will be around the corner before we know it. With the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships to be held in the birth place of BMX (USA) combined with the 2017 UCI BMX SX World Cup season going to several countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Argentina), it promises to be yet another good season on the track. 2016 UCI World Cup winners Corben Sharrah and Laura Smulders will have some targets on their backs as everyone else wants to take that title away from them in 2017.

Men Elite 1. Corben Sharrah (USA), 855 2. David Graf (SUI), 600 3. Maris Strombergs (LAT), 560 4. Exequiel Torres (ARG), 560 5. Carlos Alberto Ramirez Yepes (COL), 540 6. Sylvain André (FRA), 505 7. Tory Nyhaug (CAN), 490 8. Renaud Blanc (SUI), 480 9. Dave van der Burg (NED), 460 10. Gonzalo Molina (ARG), 410

Women Elite 1. Laura Smulders (NED), 985 2. Brooke Crain (USA), 750 3. Simone Christensen (DEN), 680 4. Caroline Buchanan (AUS), 645 5. Elke Vanhoof (BEL), 610 6. Yaroslava Bondarenko (RUS), 560 7. Judy (NED) Baauw, 465 8. Danielle George (USA), 455 9. Natalia Suvorova (RUS), 390 10. Alise Post (USA), 375

Brooke Crain is one tough cookie. She has crashed out to a point where most riders would kick back for the rest of the week. But not Brooke Crain. She gets back up and rides through the pain. Maybe not the smartest move if you ask the doctors but it's the determination that got her to the second place in the UCI World Cup standings, her best finish to date. Crain’s riding style is a great showcase for BMX.

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