Why the BMX Freestyle Park individual rankings matter to so many riders!

Aug 6, 2019, 13:02 PM

Over the last couple of years, the UCI BMX Freestyle Park ranking has developed into a list that is checked by riders, sponsors, event organisers and National Federations on a regular basis.


Adding up points from the latest BMX Freestyle events on the UCI International Calendar gives an indication of which riders and which countries are doing well in BMX Freestyle Park. Creating a structure was necessary and, next to the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup, events such as National Championships and Class 1 (C1) competitions are being held worldwide. The traveling that Americans Justin Dowell and Hannah Roberts have undertaken to score UCI points has paid off as both riders are now leading the rankings.

In 2019 we have the UCI Urban Cycling World Championships and one UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup meeting remaining for the season. A World Championship victory in Chengdu, China, on 9-10 November will be worth 2000 points, and with 1000 points available for a UCI World Cup win the previous weekend, a lot can change in the beginning of November in China. In the 12-month rolling Individual Ranking, results older than 12 months get dropped.


Men: riders from seven countries in the top ten


After sitting out a few events because of injury Logan Martin (AUS) is currently lies 11th in the individual ranking with 2040 points. His win at last weekend’s X-Games shows that he is capable of winning Park competitions so expect him to enter the top ten before 2019 ends. The private training ground that the 2018 UCI World Champion built next to his house will help him stay on top.


The competition in the Individual Ranking at the top is fierce. Seven different countries are represented in the top ten Elite Men ranking, making it an international field. After a tough crash only a few weeks ago Nick Bruce (10th) has made a quick recovery and will be ready for the UCI World Cup and UCI Urban Worlds. He will pick up a few points at C1 competitions along the way to try to move up in the ranks – just as James Jones (GBR) has done. After scoring at last year’s UCI Urban Worlds, Jones then picked up points in all World Cups and also has his three best C1 results counting towards the Individual Ranking, where he currently occupies 8th place.  Former UCI World Cup winner Daniel Dhers from Venezuela is in 7th with 2710 points – only 80 points behind Rim Nakamura (Japan) and 90 behind Daniel Sandoval from the United States. Irek Rizaev represents Russia in 4th place behind the Australian pair of Jake Wallwork and Brandon Loupos.

With the National Championships (200 points for a win) still on the 2019 calendar for many countries, these events can change things. Continental Championships (500 points for the winner) are also on the programme for some, including for current ranking leader Dowell. With the Individual Ranking updated every Tuesday it is interesting to see how the list changes depending on which rider hits up which contest.


Individual Ranking Elite Men Park as of 5 August 2019

1DOWELL JustinUSA194420
2LOUPOS Brandon
AUS26 4090
3WALLWORK Jake AUS 253630
4RIZAEV Irek RUS 22 3320 
5SANDOVAL Daniel USA 25 2800
7DHERS DanielVEN342710
8JONES JamesGBR352538
9TENCIO ESQUIVEL Kenneth FabianCRC262529
10BRUCE NickUSA272259
11MARTIN LoganAUS262040


Women: USA occupies two top spots


A mere 50 points separate Americans Roberts and Perris Benegas at the top of the Elite Women Individual Ranking. With a lot of points up for grabs in the coming months it’s also possible for 2019 German Champion Lara Lessmann to move up. While the Americans occupy the two top spots, eight nations are represented in the top 10: USA, Japan, Germany, Russia, Chile, Great Britain, Switzerland and Spain. Riders from all over the world are doing well in this new Olympic discipline.


Individual Ranking Elite Women Park as of 5 August 2019


1ROBERTS HannahUSA185000
2BENEGAS PerrisUSA244950
3LESSMANN Lara MarieGER194830
4DUCARROZ NikitaSUI233790
5MARINO AngieUSA 293770
6OIKE MinatoJPN233180
7PEREZ GASSET Macarena ValentinaCHI232590
8POSADSKIKH ElizavetaRUS252560
10WORTHINGTON CharlotteGBR232280


The Individual Ranking is not to be confused with the BMX Freestyle Olympic Qualification Ranking, which is established according to different criteria.


Like BMX Freestyle, the rankings are always changing, and keep every rider from every country on their toes!

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