Cycling for All Manifesto

In 2017, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) published its Cycling for All Manifesto, which sets out the ambition, role and core activities the UCI will pursue to support cycling in all forms across the world.

Promoting and nurturing everyday cycling is a core pillar of the UCI's strategy and the UCI is working hard to ensure that elite cycling acts as a catalyst to inspire even greater mass participation, and get many more people using bikes as part of their everyday lives. The Manifesto demonstrates how cycling advocacy is being embedded into all areas of UCI activity, ensuring the organisation is a leading advocate for everyday cycling, working with partners from grassroots through to high level political engagement.

Given the environmental, health and socio-economic challenges being faced across the world, cycling can play a clear role in ensuring a more sustainable future. Whether it is tackling climate change, air pollution, urban congestion or obesity and physical apathy, cycling is a low cost, safe and socially positive activity that should be encouraged. UCI-funded research demonstrates that a switch from motorised vehicles to cycling would help confront these issues, while generating infrastructure savings of up to $25 trillion by 2050.

Activities under Cycling for All cover several areas:

• At the political level, the UCI will engage with policy makers to encourage countries and international organisations to adopt bike-friendly policy. For example, the UCI is working directly in Brussels to influence EU decision-making, ensuring that the European institutions are supporting cycling, and looking to the bicycle to achieve EU policy goals. As part of this, the UCI and UEC are calling on the European Commission to adopt a European Cycling Strategy;

• With the UCI Bike City label, the UCI is rewarding and working with cities that invest in elite cycling and everyday cycling activities;

• The UCI is developing a UCI Cycling for All Ambassadors programme to work with professional riders on cycling advocacy campaigns;

• With the UN Sustainable Development Goals in place, the UCI will push cycling as a tool for sustainable and inclusive development;

• The UCI will support its National Federations, sharing best practice and encourage their cycling for all activities.

Cycling For All - Manifesto

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