24 Jul 2014 03:08

Education is key to an effective Anti-Doping Program. Consequently, each member of the cycling community is strongly encouraged to get familiar with their rights and responsibilities.

Therefore, everyone is invited to consult the information available at the Clean Sport section of the UCI Website and to register on ADEL.

ADEL, an Anti-Doping Education and Learning Platform:  the new platform launched by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to provide education solutions for athletes and other stakeholders. Modern, easy to navigate and available in several languages, its mission is to meet the Anti-Doping education needs for all athletes, coaches, medical personnel and all stakeholders.

Rider’s obligation: As part of the UCI Anti-Doping Education Program, all riders included in the UCI Registered Testing Pool or the UCI Testing Pool shall successfully complete an Anti-Doping education course (e.g. International-Level Athletes Education Program) or otherwise equivalent Program approved by the UCI.

That being said, the UCI can only recommend the riders and all stakeholders to improve your knowledge by browsing the ADEL platform and following the other available modules, such as:

  • ADEL for International-Level Athletes
  • ADEL for Registered Testing Pool Athlete
  • Athlete's Guide to the 2021 Code

Learn more about ADEL