The UCI renews its commissions and increases percentage of their women members

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is pleased to publish the composition of its commissions that have been renewed for the 2021-2025 period after approval of the lists of their members by its Management Committee that met at an extraordinary session on 3 November 2021.

This renewal process follows the election of the members of the new UCI Management Committee by the Federation’s Congress on 24 September 2021, in Leuven (Belgium).

The UCI’s – non-judicial – commissions are created by the UCI Management Committee to provide assistance in its mission. As a general rule, their Presidents are members of the Federation’s executive body. Their mission is to submit propositions to the Management Committee. These may concern strategy or regulations relating to the discipline or specific domain (for example athletes, solidarity, cycling for all, anti-doping, equipment and new technologies) that the commission deals with.

Some commissions – judicial – are made up of members that are independent of the UCI and are called on to make decisions concerning cycling’s stakeholders in their respective fields of expertise, such as the Disciplinary Commission, the Arbitral Board, the Licence Commission and the Anti-doping Tribunal.

The role of the commissions is defined in their terms of reference.

One of the goals of the reorganisation of the UCI commissions was to increase the proportion of women’s representation to at least 25%. This goal has been exceeded as the percentage of women has now reached over 32% on average (59 women for a total of 184 members) and varies between 20% and 75% depending on the commission.

This progression is consistent with other achievements made when it comes to parity between men and women in cycling, one of the UCI’s major priorities. Thanks to a revision of the Federation’s Constitution, the proportion of women serving on the executive committees of the Continental Confederations has now reached more than 25%. Meanwhile the number of women on the UCI Management Committee has tripled, from two to six (women representation: one-third). These initiatives come on top of many others put in place in different sectors: parity in sporting programmes, the development of women’s road cycling, qualification for EDGE certification – international reference standard for gender parity in the workplace – by the UCI, the appointment of an Integrity and Education Manager within the Federation to fight against all forms of abuse, etc. The UCI will continue its work to develop the promotion of women within the cycling family, both in the sport itself and its governance.

From a geographic stand, the UCI commissions now comprise members representing 56 countries. Among these, 44.6% are European, 17.85% are American, 17.85% are Asian, 16.1% are African and 3.6% are from Oceania.

The UCI President David Lappartient said: “The UCI is committed to the promotion of women both in the sport itself and its governance. Greater female representation on the UCI’s commissions is a new concrete step in this direction, as were the elections of the UCI Management Committee by the UCI Congress in September 2021 which resulted in the percentage of women members increasing from 11 to 32 % (six women among its 19 members). I welcome all new members and look forward to working with them, and those who were already on the commissions, over the next four years.”

The list, compositions, and terms of reference (1) of all the UCI Commissions are available on the UCI website.

(1) 2017-2021 version of terms of reference. The 2021-2025 version of the document will be approved shortly.