UCI announcement on the results of the 17 July Covid-19 testing campaign

In accordance with the "Rules for the organisation of road cycling competitions in the context of the coronavirus pandemic" established by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and recently updated for the Grand Tours, all riders participating in the Tour de France were tested on the evening of 17 July, the day before the rest day.

All tests were negative, with the exception of two riders for whom complementary biological examination is required. The two concerned riders do not rank within top 20 of the event’s general classification.

While these riders are completely asymptomatic, security measures (isolation of the two riders) have been implemented to protect the other participants.

A final decision on their participation in the remainder of the event will be taken by tomorrow morning in a collegial manner by the concerned parties (Covid-19 event and team doctors, and the UCI Medical Director).

In order to combat the spread of Covid-19 in the most effective way, the organiser (A.S.O.) of the Tour de France announced on 12 July that access to the teams’ paddocks is only allowed to UCI representatives, team staff and staff within the race organisation.

The UCI reminds all participants that the rules introduced over the last two years in the interests of everyone's health and safety continue to apply. These include the obligation to wear a mask, to maintain sufficient physical distance and to disinfect hands frequently.