UCI statement regarding the behaviour of Madis Mihkels and Gerben Thijssen at the Gree - Tour of Guangxi

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) strongly condemns the behaviour of riders Madis Mihkels (EST) and Gerben Thijssen (BEL) for the publication on Gerben Thijssen’s Instagram account of a video including two photos of Madis Mikhels making a racist and discriminatory gesture.

The UCI commends the swift reaction of the two riders' team, Intermarché-Circus-Wanty (BEL), which decided to withdraw them from the Gree - Tour of Guangxi (China) and assess the disciplinary actions it may take following the incident. The event organiser also acted quickly by organising a meeting with those concerned and the local authorities, during which the riders expressed their apologies.

The UCI has decided to refer the matter to the UCI Disciplinary Commission for a possible breach of article 12.4.004 of the UCI Regulations, which states that any person who, by word or deed, bemeans, discriminates against or denigrates a person or a group of persons in a manner that violates human dignity, on grounds such as race or ethnic origin, shall receive a disciplinary action.

The UCI unequivocally condemns all forms of racist and discriminatory behaviour and is committed, through the UCI Constitution, the UCI Regulations and its programmes, to ensuring integrity, diversity, inclusion and equality in cycling.